Кепки для кручения на голове, кепки для брейка
Кепки для кручения

Each breaker has his own nickname - a brand that he nurtures through hard work and difficult victories and losses on buttles. You should be proud of your personal brand! Show who you are with your named headspin caps!

Hello! We creating the brand for all breakers in the world. To make break dance comfortable, safe and stylish! We design smart clothes and tech accessories, which not only protect against occupational injuries, look cool and stylish, but also help develop effectively. We create the whole world, a community that unites break dancers all over the world and helps them become champions.


  • Beanie Sport Hat Cherry Berry


    • finest quality cotton
    • multifunctionality
    • unique original design with variety of colors
    • snug fitting
    • easy to care
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    Beanie Sport Hat Cherry Berry

  • Sachet for shoes

    Benefits :
    • Absorbs moisture and odors
    • Quickly puts shoes in order for the next workout
    • Odorless

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    Sachet for shoes

  • Neck Warmer Pepper mix


    • made of double layer fabric cotton (95%)
    • 2 options of wear, use a velcro clasp
    • keeps its shape and colors after washing
    •  trendy  funky design
    • multi-functionality
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    Neck Warmer Pepper mix


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