Sachet for shoes


Absorbs moisture and odors
Quickly puts shoes in order for the next workout

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    We have all faced a problem when after training our shoes have not yet had time to dry from moisture, and we already need to move to the next training session with the team, lesson, performance, battle, etc.
    An excellent solution to this problem is to throw one Sachet into each shoe. And while you are on your way from point «A» to point «B», the process of drying shoes is taking place in your backpack.Sachet for shoes from Upgradez contains a powerful absorbent filler, which helps get rid of odors and moisture. It absorbs even strong and persistent aromas. The sachet can be used for drying shoes and storing them. It will keeps the original form of things. Everything is very simple: you only need to put the bags in your shoes. Sachet does not requires a special care: zeolite mineral is part of the filler, which has bactericidal and hygroscopic properties.They are not deformed, do not absorb foreign odors, do not stain or leave marks. Due to high-quality seams and double walls, the filler does not pours out.  The standard sachet is suitable for any shoe sizes.
    Absorbs moisture and odors
    Quickly puts shoes in order for the next workout

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