Knee pads Anatomical Pro


Super light
Take the shape of the body-anatomical
No seams inside!

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    Meet me!

    Super anatomical knee pads from the new Anatomic Pro line.

    Knee pads for confident and professional breakers who no longer tear their veins in training, do not just perform elements to the music — they dance.

    For them, breakdancing is a life, not a sport.

    If your day starts and ends with breakdancing, if you are active, always ready to dance and want to look stylish at any time-choose the light and anatomical equipment A Pro from Upgradez.

    Only in the A Pro knee pads you can hang out and dance all day without feeling uncomfortable.

    They are not visible under ordinary clothing.

    What’s the secret:

    gently anatomically fit the knee joint, do not restrict movement, do not squeeze or squeeze the vessels
    are made of superelastic material and a unique foam with an anatomical effect
    there are no internal seams, fasteners, Velcro and other connecting elements
    light, almost weightless
    design of the knee pads allows the skin to breathe

    When you train, repeatedly work out the elements, like “sharp knee” or other traumatic tin-choose standard knee pads from Upgradez.

    Knee pads A Pro for those who already ” collect stones”, who are relaxed, live in the dance and just get high.

    Dance long, dance with comfort and style in the new A Pro knee pads from Upgradez.

    Don’t forget to take them off before going to bed!

    Although, you can go to bed in them, you will save time in the morning.

    Weight 005 kg
    Dimensions 23 × 15 × 4 cm






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