Cadet Spin Cap


  • Unique design — Cadet Cap for spinning on the head
  • Material — mixed cotton
  • Two sizes
  • Soft functional visor
  • Super mesh on the top for sliding

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Spin in a cap !!!

Put your grandfather’s cap back, it hurts to spin in it, and it fits so-so.

Upgradez knows bboys want to dance and look stylish.

Let us represent our answer to your needs.
The first ever break dance spinning cap — Cadet Spin Cap from Upgradez.

What’s new:

  • Constructive

The cap for spinning on the head is a new word in the world of break dance. It is easier to spin in it, because the head breathes, does not sweat and, accordingly, the dancer experiences less load. He can spin longer with more difficult elements and at higher speed.

  • Comfort and safety

The cap with fleece lining fits snugly on the head.
The protective rubber pad on the top makes spinning comfortable, safe and a layer of special mesh provides excellent glide.
Our Cadet Spin Cap has a soft visor that makes it easy transition from spins on the head to slides.

  • Size

We sew this cap in two sizes M and L.
It is suitable for children over 10 y.o. and for adults with any crown. There is a durable Velcro on the back of the cap.

  • New material

Military-style mixed cotton is our ideal find for this item.
It is durable and easy to clean.
Your grandchildren will twist headspins in a cap made of this material.

  • Unique design

The break dance cadet cap is your new look, brutal and daring.
It inspires to a new ideas, a new moves and new emotions.

Bboys — innovators, pioneers and creazy- idea lovers, let’s write together a new page of mega cool breaking in the Cadet Spin Cap from Upgradez.

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