Pants «Tsunami» black

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  • Children's and adult sizes
  • The fabric is moderately stretched, soft, does not interfere with movement
  • The fabric is not deformed
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Perfect pants for a training! What are they?
1. Soft and light. Such that they are not felt at all on the body, so that they do not interfere with complex movements, so that they get splits and lunges. Perfect pants for breaking.
Therefore, we used a light knitted fabric with elastane.
2. Strong and resistant to deformations. The fabric should stretch, but they should not have sagging knees or lose color.
This means that the material must include a mixture of elastane and polyester.
3. Comfortable and reliable. After all, this is a problem when at the most inopportune moment, the sweatpants either slide down or squeeze.
Therefore, in the area of the belt, we have provided a fixing cord, which you can use to adjust the density of the belt.
4. Comfortable and stylish. Break dance pants can’t be “leggings”. We’ll save them for other sports.
Therefore, we found the perfect shape: moderately wide, moderately loose, with an elastic band in the ankle area, so that during handstands, the pants do not lift up to the knee.

We have created soft, stylish and functional Tsunami pants for training in the gym or in the summer on the street.






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