Adult headspin beanie Universal Ginger


  • Removable pad of 5mm rubber
  • Strong seams from monofilament
  • Backward curved mesh
  • Included a fixing elastic band
  • 100% cotton . No acrylic

Size: 55-60 cm head circumference

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This is the Universal bboy Headspin Beanie. The headspin beanie has a rubber pad inside and a polypropylene mesh on a top.

This product is recommended for ALL breakers (for beginners and for professionals). The pad of 5 mm is very useful for beginners. It will help to get used to postures that take you upside down and get rid of the soreness after working out.

If you are a pro b-boy you can take a pad off. It provides the best control and smoother transitions from ground power to head spins. The mesh is stitched by a monofilament. Not threads.

Thick pad provides the best comfort for long sessions and keeps your hair on your head.

If you wear a beanie right it will not looks like “spade”. It should fit snugly to the head. The seams and trimmings of the edges of the mesh should not protrude. They can be damaged by the floor, slow down the spin, and the hat can lose the quality.

Adult break dance spinhead beanies

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