испытания шапки для кручения на голове UPGRADEZ

Test of headspin beanie UPGRADEZ

We made the world’s first tests on the number of spins of headspin beanie UPGRADEZ and measured the results.

In our design shop, we created ideal conditions for headspins with three different coatings: linoleum, tile and laminate. Wich is most often encountered on jams and battles for true bboys.

испытания шапки для кручения на голове UPGRADEZ

To conduct the experiment, we invited Mr. Kop – he became our test beater and launched his head in a circular on different surfaces.

испытания шапки для кручения на голове UPGRADEZ

For reference: Pro Bboy spins at about 50 rpm and performs 10-30 sets in one workout. Heavy loads are subject only to our tester – Mr. Cope.

To speed up the process (this is for not to wait for a long time until our headspin smokes), we made prototype mini-samples and increased their rotation speed to 1000 rpm.

And we began to wait for the moment when the cover of the spin caps smokes and melts – until it is completely worn out.


Gliding was moderate, the sample behaved stably, acceleration was smooth, everything went like clockwork. The spincap UPGRADEZ withstood 108900 rpm. If translated into human terms, when Pro Bboy needs to spin on his head for 36 hours without stops and lunch breaks.


The slip is too noisy, the initial roughness of the ceramic coating interfered, acceleration was slow, torsion created a lot of noise due to friction. The UPGRADEZ headspin cap has withstood 95,700 rpm. Those Pro Bboy should spin on his head for 32 hours.


Too slippery, the sample strove to slip off the surface. The headspin beanie UPGRADEZ has withstood 125,400 revolutions, which would be 42 hours of continuous rotation on the head.



We kindly ask you, dear Bboys, not to spin at a speed of more than 1000 rpm. Even the coolest UPGRADEZ hats begin to smoke. If you have reached the level of Bboy-Super-Man, please contact UPGRADEZ, we will specially develop a space helmet for you.


And, remember! Here is what can happen with your head if you do not use the UPGRADEZ beanies!

испытания шапки для кручения на голове UPGRADEZ


UPGRADEZ Laboratory

Professor of Break Dance Science Farkhodzhon and Senior Researcher Vasily from Russia

испытания шапки для кручения на голове UPGRADEZ

P.S .: During this experiment, not a single true bboy was injured! The fate of Mr. Cope is still unknown.

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